Aisha Fukushima is a singer, public speaker, educator & self-proclaimed ‘RAPtivist’ (rap activist).  As leader of the ‘RAPtivism’ (rap activism) project, Aisha raises social awareness through connections between global hip hop & social justice. Since 2007 she has engaged in hip hop communities from France to Morocco, Kazakhstan, Japan, Germany, England, South Africa, Senegal, India, Denmark & beyond. 

Growing up behind the scenes of the music industry, Aisha was exposed firsthand to legendary artists who inspired the birth of hip hop such as James Brown, Funkadelic and The Stylistics. This eventually lead Aisha to create her own unparalleled vocal style blending soulful melodies, poetic lyricism, and beatboxing. Fans compare Aisha’s music to the likes of renowned artists such as Lauryn Hill, Adele, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald and Jill Scott. Her influences also include Erykah Badu, Lupe Fiasco, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Mos Def, and countless international hip hop acts.

In 2012 Aisha released her global “RAPtivism” (rap activism) album featuring more than 20 leading political hip hop acts from around the world including Black Noise (South Africa), Positive Black Soul (Senegal) & DJ Noize (Denmark). Additionally she has been featured on a number of albums including MAD lines’ “MAD Habits” (2012), Street Poet Inc.’s “Origins” (2012), Ras K’dee’s “Cloudwriter” (2011) & Emile YX?’s “Conscious Rhymes for Unconscious Times” (2010).

Her ‘RAPtivism’ work has been featured by Oprah Magazine, TEDx, KQED, The Seattle Times, TV 2M Morocco, The Bangalore Mirror, HYPE : South Africa’s #1 Hip Hop Magazine and more. She has also graced stages from the historic Paramount Theater in Seattle, Washington to TEDxSitka, Pirineos Sur in the mountains of Spain, and Mawazine Festival hosted by King Mohammed VI in Rabat, Morocco.

Over the last 8 years, Aisha’s passion for empowering young people through the performing arts has led her to build educational programs such as Turn Off The Stereotypes (2005), Whitman Institute of Summer Enrichment (2006) and SISTARZ, an all-girls hip hop club (2012). She has also been honored with a number of prestigious fellowships for her work from institutions such as Duke University’s Ralph Bunche Institute of Summer Enrichment, Humanity in Action’s European Program (The Netherlands) and the Thomas J. Watson Foundation.

Aisha holds an honors degree in Rhetoric & Film Studies from Whitman College (2009) with minors in French Literature & Gender Studies. She currently lives in the California Bay Area where, in addition to performing, she works with youth everyday as Youth Coordinator at BAVC. Aisha is fluent in French and building proficiency in Japanese, Arabic & Wolof.

For public speaking booking requests within the USA, please contact SpeakOut at info@speakoutnow.org

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RAPtivism | http://raptivism.org

HEAR THE MUSIC | visit http://raptivism.bandcamp.com

TWITTER | @aishafukushima




  • DEC December 23, 2012

    Aisha Fukushima is an outstanding performer that gets the crowd involved in her shows. As a world renowned Artist Aisha’s performance includes a phenomenal vocal and speech presentation based in the next generational reality not silenced by conformity. She is exceptionally reverting, thought provoking and a performance that must be seen.

  • Sheila Ryan Hara March 7, 2013

    I have spent the last two hours online getting to know a bit about the life and music of Aisha Fukushima. Totally agree with the comments posted above and look forward to the day when she comes back to Japan, and maybe even Fukuoka, since I live near there in a small town where I now know in my bones what it means to be different, and yet similar, to everyone around me. As a Euro-American woman who grew up in Seattle (my mom still lives in Bellevue ) and went on to meet and marry a Japanese man, eventually following him back to his hometown of Karatsu, I can relate to her message and her movement . Peace!

  • Demond Walker March 15, 2013

    Simply put . . . Aisha Fukushima is AMAZING!!!!! She has one of the most powerful singing voices that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing live. She is an equally talented emcee, painting pictures with her lyrics as vivid, as beautiful, and as defined as if she were using a brush and canvas. I booked Aisha to deliver the keynote address for a community building event that I put together at the high school where I work. She was on stage at 9:00 AM in front of 400 judgmental teenagers and about 60 even more judgmental educators, and by the end of the hour, she had completely floored the crowd leaving everyone excited to engage in workshops about equity, inclusion, social justice and other topics.

    Seamlessly weaving stories about her travels around the world, sharing with us how she built community with fellow “RAPtivists” in Europe and Africa, and blessing us with her original music, Aisha’s performance lecture left everyone in attendance hungry for more! Afterwards, she stuck around well past the time that I booked her for and had conversations with our French teachers (in French of course), student musicians, as well as a group of young girls who looked up to her. My students will never forget the quality time that they spent with her. In addition to her wonderful talents, Aisha is one of the most pleasant people I have ever been around. As soon as you meet her, you will completely understand what I mean! She made our Community Day a huge success.



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